Suspension Seating

With comfort and safety in mind, Custom Cars can supply you with repairs, parts or replacement suspension seats for your vehicle, whether it’s a 4WD doing the school-run, a light commercial vehicle on the farm or even a heavy haulage truck on the mine sites.

  • Authorised Repairer Licence MRB967   
  • Licensed Officers for Seat, Seatbelt & Interior Modifications
  • Australian-Leading Stratos Seats Dealer, Repairer and Installer
  • Suspension Seat Installations to all heavy and light commercial vehicles including 4WD (all major brands available)
  • Unique seat modifications to meet safety compliance and standards to DoTWA and ADR requirements
  • Can repair most suspension seats and suspension units at a reasonable cost
  • If required, we can provide a compliance plate and report for any after-market installation.

For example, we can install an additional suspension seat in the back of your mining vehicle and ensure it is engineered safety compliant or we can remove a static bucket seat and install an air suspension seat in its place.  

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